French National Programme on Rare Disease Cohorts

  The Rare Disease Cohorts Programme « RaDiCo » is coordinated by « Inserm », the French Institut of Health and Medical Research. RaDiCo is a part of the « Investissements d’Avenir » cohorts programme, managed by the National Agency of Research « ANR » IO-COHO-03.

Current research projects

The purpose of this section is to list, by cohort RaDiCo, current research projects, updated in November 2019.

For each project, the information specifying the name of the promoter, the controller, the industrial partner as well as the summary of the specific research project and the nature of the information used, are available by clicking on the title of the project.


RaDiCo-PID cohort : PnRare Disease Cohort – Pneumopathies Interstitielles Diffuses